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          VEARNCOMBE - RENWICK MARRIAGE 26th December 1932

             FRANK EDWARD VEARNCOMBE and ANNIE RENWICK were married on December 26th 1932 at Knowsley Church. They lived for 31 years at The Homestead New Rd  Knowsley until 1963 when they moved to Ormskirk.

            They had two children.  KENNETH FRANK VEARNCOMBE born 1935 at Knowsley.  Married 1970 in Alyth Perthshire Scotland to Carol Frances Shaw, and GORDON VALENTINE VEARNCOMBE born 1937 at Knowsley. Married 1962 in Southport to Audrey Wood.

 The Vearncombe’s.  From Somerset to Knowsley Lancashire.

My Paternal Grandfather was FRANK VALENTINE VEARNCOMBE born  Dec 1863 at Milverton Somerset.  He Died in 1935 aged 71 and was buried at Knowsley Church.   My Paternal Grandmother was ELLEN THOMPSON born March 1866 at Maesbury nr Oswestry Shropshire.  She died in 1954 aged 88 and is buried at Knowsley Church.
Frank Valentine Vearncombe and Ellen Thompson were married in 1898 at Repton Derbyshire. He was aged 35 and shown on the marriage certificate as a bachelor, occupation Farrier and living at Knowsley Hall LancashireFrank remained at Knowsley Hall working as a Farrier and Blacksmith all his working life. 
He left Willett in Somerset in 1883 when he was 19 years old and in the 1891 census he was living at West Derby as a 27 year old Blacksmith with his Uncle James and family. He was one of 11 children born in Somerset, and all the 7 boys became Blacksmiths. He was not the first Vearncombe to come to Lancashire, as his two Uncles, James Vearncombe, and Francis Vearncombe, had arrived in West Derby about 1876. James Vearncombe was a Blacksmith for Lord Sefton at Croxteth Hall until his death in 1909.  Francis Vearncombe lived at West Derby but appears to have worked for Lord Derby sometime between 1876 and 1880, and met with an accident, possibly involving the Gas Works at Knowsley Estate. He had to return to Somerset with his Wife and 6 young children, and died a few months later in 1881 when he was only 37.
After the marriage of Frank Valentine Vearncombe and Ellen Thompson in 1898, they lived the rest of their lives at 9 Trees Cottages Knowsley, which was one of two cottages now called Elm Cottage. The postal address was always known however as  “Nr The Elms” Knowsley Lane.   
Their only child was my Father FRANK EDWARD VEARNCOMBE b 19th June 1899. He attended the Boy’s School at Knowsley and later went to Prescot Grammar School. In 1918 he was in the Army for a few months with the Liverpool Scottish Kings Regiment towards the end of the War. For most of his working life he had his own lorry and worked as a Haulage Contractor. For many years he was on a contract to Whiston Council on road maintenance. Later on in 1950 he became the storekeeper at Ensor Garage on the East Lancashire Rd thus maintaining his lifelong interest in Engines, Cars, Lorries, and things mechanical.


  The Renwicks. From Traquair Peeblesshire to Knowsley.

            My Maternal Grandfather was JOHN RENWICK born January 1866 at the village of TEMPLE nr Edinburgh Scotland.

            My Maternal Grandmother was JANE WALKER born 1866 at Eddlestone Peeblesshire Scotland.

            John Renwick was one of 7 children and in 1881 was 15 years old living in Traquair Peeblesshire where his Father William Renwick (b 1833 Walston) worked as  head ploughman, and later Land Steward, for Lord Glenconner. (Family name Tennant) on the Glen Estate Traquair. 
Jane Walker was one of 8 children and in 1881 was 15 years old living in Traquair, where her Father William Walker was Land Steward for two English Lords. Lord Arthur Cecil, and Lord Lionel Cecil, who were farming 5,000 acres at Traquair Peeblesshire. 

Subsequent research has found that Lord Arthur Cecil and Lord Lionel Cecil were the two sons of Lady Derby, from her first marriage to the Marquis of Salisbury. (Family name Cecil.)  She married Lord Derby who was a 44 year old Bachelor in 1870 in London after the death of her first Husband James Cecil. They all came to live at Knowsley Hall including her teenage children Arthur and Lionel. Lord Arthur studied Agriculture and 11 years later in 1881  aged 29 was farming in  Traquair Peeblesshire where my Great Grandfather William Walker was his Land Steward. 

In February 1884 my Grandmother Jane Walker married John Renwick when they were both just 18, in Edinburgh, Scotland. They immediately came to Knowsley and he started work for Lord Derby on the estate. This connection between Lady Derby at Knowsley, and her sons farming at Traquair Peebleshire, was undoubtedly the reason why my Scottish Grandparents arrived in Knowsley from Traquair in1884.   

The first of their 7 children was born in Knowsley in 1885. In the 1891 census they were living in Old Mill Lane Knowsley with their first two children. In 1901 they were living with six children in Maidens Bower, and in 1904 when their seventh child was born they lived in Alders Lane (opposite the old tennis courts). All the 7 children were born in Knowsley and christened at Knowsley St Mary’s Church.
ANDREW RENWICK               Aug 1891 
BESSIE RENWICK                 Nov 1893
JAMES RENWICK                  Nov 1896
JANE RENWICK                    Apr 1900
ANNIE RENWICK                  Sep 1904 

  Their seventh child was my Mother ANNIE RENWICK born September 1904 at Alders Lane Knowsley. She attended Knowsley Girls school and before her marriage worked in the heart of Liverpool. Cycling every day through Littlewood Lodge to Croxteth and then catching the tram to Scotland Rd area.
William Renwick became  a Tram driver for Liverpool Corporation and lived in Huyton near Page Moss.
Andrew Renwick worked at Knowsley estate with the foresters and finally at B.I.C.C. Prescot as a gardener.
James Renwick Farmed at Quarry Farm Knowsley and later on lived in the  Boys School House in School lane Knowsley. 
Jane Renwick married Fred Smith and farmed at New Rd Farm Knowsley.


 Andrew Renwick, Jim Renwick and Frank Vearncombe all played football and cricket for Knowsley Recs.  The following are the names of other players in 1920’s Knowsley football teams.
Goalkeepers   F Hitchmough,  F Hewitt,    Fred Smith 
Full backs      A.Hitchmough, Andrew Renwick, W Hornby
Half backs     Harry Lyon, J Whalley  Jim Renwick
Centre half   R Taylor, 
Forwards        Frank Vearncombe, Joe Butchard, Ralph Butchard, T Whalley,    J Bridges, B Walsh

Extracted from my Fathers 1920's Notebook was the team below

           Knowsley Recs 4 versus Kirkby 1 
                        F Hitchmough

         A Hitchmough             W Hornby

     Harry Lyon      R Taylor      J Whalley

Frank Vearncombe  Joe Butchard  Jim Renwick  B Walsh  T Whalley