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                      KENNETH FRANK VEARNCOMBE.

                 Born 25th July 1935 at Knowsley Lancashire.

Year of the pig.
 The Tudor
  Rose of
Scottish Wife
& Scottish Maternal Grandparents


Married  26th September 1970 to CAROL FRANCES SHAW at Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland.         

Father. FRANK EDWARD VEARNCOMBE. Born 19th June 1899 Knowsley, Lancashire.    Died 18th April 1986 Aughton Lancashire age 86

Mother.ANNIE RENWICK. Born 22Sept 1904 Knowsley, Lancashire.          Died 30th April 1988 Aughton Lancashire age 83

Grandfather. Frank Valentine Vearncombe. Born 28 December 1863 Milverton Somerset.
Died 4 March 1935 Knowsley Lancashire.
Married 18 Aug 1898 Repton Derbyshire.

Grandmother. Ellen Thompson. Born 26 Mar 1866 Maesbury Oswestry Salop Died 11 Aug 1954

Great Grandfather. George Vearncombe Born 10 May 1821 Stapley Churchstanton. Died 7 December 1906 Lydeard St Lawrence Somerset.
Married 6th April 1847 Churchstanton to Jane Phillips Valentine Born c 1826 Clayhidon .Died 14 Feb 1925 in Lydeard St Lawrence  Somerset.

Great Great Grandfather.   William Vearncombe  born 19 July 1790 Taunton St James Somerset. Died 16 July 1886 Vellow Somerset. Married 26 May 1820 Churchstanton Somerset to  Sussannah Matilda Turner Legg b 01 Oct 1804 died 07 June 1872 Stapley Churchstanton Somerset.

George Vearncombe bapt 14 June 1761 Cheddon Fitzpaine Somerset. Died 18 September 1847 Kingston St Mary. Married 23 October 1780 Combe Florey Somerset Elizabeth Hallard b.c.1759 buried 03 Feb 1831 Kingston St Mary Somerset

Thomas Vearncombe bapt  30 October 1734 Kingston St Mary Somerset. Married 01 October 1757 Kingston St Mary Somerset to Joan Hoal born Bishops Lydeard Somerset.
5x G.Grandfather.   
Henry Verncombe bapt 22May1702 Bishops Hull Somerset. Buried 21 September 1760 Kingston St Mary. Married 25 July 1730 Kingston St Mary to Joan Greenslade 01 Jan 1761/62 Kingston St Mary Somerset

6x G.Grandfather.    Henry(Hugh)? Vearncombe bapt 17Feb1668/69 Bishops Hull Somerset.      Died 29 January 1716/7  Bishops Hull. Married 08 September 1701 Bishops Hull Somerset to Judith Tippit.

7x G. Grandparents.  Henry b.c. 1640 & Elizabeth  b.c. 1645 buried Bishops Hull 12 September 1678

8x G. Grandfather  Not yet proven but 

likely to be  Hugh bpt 14 July 1609 in Norton Fitzwarren and married to Eleanor 4th June 1634 in Milverton.

He had 3 sons.
Hugh Verncombe     bpt 1637 Milverton  son of Hugh.

Thomas Verncombe bpt 1635 Milverton son of Hugh.

William Verncombe bpt 1642 Milverton  son of Hugh.

and 2 Brothers.  Henry Verncomb bpt 26 Oct 1617 in Norton Fitzwarren  and John Vercomb  bpt 12 Feb 1618 Norton Fitzwarren

Older Vearncombe Ancestry. There is a line of the Vearncombe name commencing in 1528 with  a John Vernecombe which flows through 5 generations up to the birth of the above 3 sons born in Milverton between 1632 and 1637. We have never proved that my 7x G.Grandfather called "Henry" was part of this Family. Was he perhaps Hugh Vearncombe b 1837 in Milverton?

Note. The only two Verncombe's mentioned in the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685 are  called Hugh .One from West Buckland and one from Pitminster. Both were shown as  "absent" from the Courts Presentations. (CP) and for "taking up arms against his Majesty". Lots of families changed their christian names and surnames around 1685 to avoid punishment. Perhaps our Vearncombe ancestors did.